HAPPY NEW YEAR to all members. We hope you have enjoyed a holiday and returned, fresh and ready for the rest of the summer’s tennis.

CHELSEA CUP has started on FRIDAY NIGHTS. We have entered two men’s teams and a women’s team this year.

Our top men’s team includes our Cup winners of previous years:

Mark Neilsen, Victor Romero, Adam Thompson, plus new recruits:

Justin McGraw and GD Jones.

The other men’s team consists of our best young players. They have won their first round.

The women’s team is also strong this year, featuring Sacha Jones.

We have a bar licence for the Friday night events and professional catering this year. So come along and watch some high quality tennis. Matches start at 7pm, every Friday night in February/March.

CALLING ACCOUNTANTS: We are in urgent need of an AUDITOR for this season’s accounts. If any club member is an accountant, or knows an accountant who would like a honorary membership, please contact me (021-398-985) or any member of the committee.

ALSO LAWYERS: We have no immediate need of legal advice but we think it would be good to have a lawyer-member of the club who is familiar with our systems before the need arises. If you are a lawyer, please consider this role.

NON-MEMBERS: Should be paying a court fee if they are playing. We need all members to help check up on them. If you see somebody playing who you know is not a member, or who seems unfamiliar with the club, please ask them to put their money in the iron post on the lawn. (Surprisingly few notice it there.)

COURT FEES: The committee has raised the court fee for non-members and guests from $5 to $10 an hour with a maximum of $20/hour per court.

We will get the sign on the court gate updated as soon as we can.

COACHES’ CARPARKS: Two car parking spaces will be marked as coach parks on the upper level beside the clubrooms. This is to avoid situations when a coach has to park behind cars already here and a lesson has to be interrupted for the coach to let the trapped car out.

LIQUOR LICENCE: The building compliance issues appear to have been sorted with the Auckland Council and the licence application has been filed. Slow progress – but it is progress.

LOCK THE COURTS: It is amazing how often the court gates are left wedged open when nobody is here. You have paid a lot for these surfaces. If you are last to leave, KICK THE BRICK into the court. It’s that easy.

AND THE PARK: If you are the last to leave at night, please close the Rae Rd gate into the park. Your old court key still works on the padlock on the post which interlocks with the smaller council padlock on the arm.

TIDY UP: The clubhouse is cleaned twice a week but, between times, leave it tidy for the next members to use. Clear away dishes and cups, clean benchtops. Give the floor a sweep. (Broom cupboard lock: C347X).

THANKS for all your help in ensuring the club runs smoothly for the enjoyment of us all.

- John Roughan

February, 2014.

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