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    MEMBERSHIP is available online. Simply click on any 'JOIN NOW' icon and you will bring up a subscription page to fill in and submit. 

    NOTE: Minimum age for JUNIOR membership is 8 years. Children under 8 years wanting to learn tennis can take lessons through Kiwi Tennis' HOTSHOTS programme. 

    Please contact Anna Ruepert at or talk to Coach Julz.

    For the 2019/20 Season


    If Already a Member and Will Not Change Your Membership Type, Please click the link below to Renew Your Membership:

    Any questions should be directed to membership secretary, Debbie Center (


Campbell's Bay Tennis Club offers excellent facilities for its members. Here is everything you need to know:

Club House

  • The clubhouse is open on club days and when the coach is in attendance.

  • The clubhouse phone number is 09 410 5688 but this may not be manned so please contact Committee Members directly.

  • Please ensure all doors are locked and the alarm is set if you are the last to leave.

Pro Shop

The Pro Shop will be open after 3pm Monday to Friday and between 9am and 2pm on Wednesdays.

Stocking Pacific, Yonex and Head, you will be able to purchase adult and children racquets, strings, grips and balls.

Restringing service also available. 

Security System

The clubhouse security system is monitored by CountryWide Monitoring Services. Should an activation occur, please contact Country Wide's Monitoring Control room, phone 379 7759. Members who are likely to open or close the clubhouse (for example, those on the club day roster list) need to have a personal access code.


  • The courts are numbered 1 to 6, starting from the court nearest to the Clubhouse.

  • The artificial grass surface is damaged by incorrect footwear and by cigarettes, so please no smoking. The court lights are on a time switch and automatically turn off at 10pm. To extend lamp life, please leave the lights on if others are booked after you.

Court Tags

  • The Court tag (black tag) opens the gates to the courts, turns the floodlights on and off. You will need a separate key to unlock the padlock on the gate across the entrance to the park at Rae Road.

  • Please shut the gates to the courts when you leave and lock the gate across Rae Road if you leave or enter the park after sunset.

  • If you find the gate locked when you enter after dark, please lock it after you.

  • A charge is made for lost keys.

Court Allocation

The Management Committee has assigned the following times for specific activities. Outside these times, courts are available for booking.

Monday 9 am - 3 pm  Midweek Ladies (interclub season) 

3.30 - 7.30 pm Juniors
Tuesday 9 am - 3 pm  Midweek Ladies (interclub season) 

3.30 - 7.30 pm Juniors
Wednesday 9 am - 12 noon  Midweek Ladies Club Day 

3.30 - 7.30 pm  Juniors 

6.30pm - 10 pm Senior Club Night
Thursday 3.30 - 7.30 pm Juniors
Friday 4.30 - 7.30 pm  Juniors Club Night
Saturday 8.30 am - 12 pm  Junior coaching & Interclub 

1 pm - completion *  Senior Interclub * 
Sunday 2 pm - 5 pm Senior Club Day

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General Enquiries

For general enquiries please email us on  or contact any member of the Management Committee or come down to the club at 184 Beach Road, Campbells Bay, North Shore, Auckland. We are located in the middle of Centennial Park Campbells Bay

The best way to contact the club is via email.
Post to The Secretary, PO Box 31 529 Milford 0741