How does Junior Membership work?

We have two options: Junior membership for children under 12 years and Intermediate for ages 13-18. The membership subscription includes coaching for Terms 4 and Terms 1 of the school year. It also includes Tennis Northern and Tennis New Zealand levies. Junior membership provides access to the facilities all year round and we encourage parents to come and play with the children. All our coaches hold professional qualifications.

Coaching options

There are two phases in the coaching. All children will start with Beginner Coaching Sessions where they learn the basics. Our coaching team have world class programmes at their disposal to help your child progress through the levels. We use special balls for our younger players as well as smaller nets.

Once children have a firm understanding of the basics and show an interest, we encourage children to progress to playing Junior Interclub. This is where they really learn how to play and we see a rapid improvement in the game. There are a number of grades at Junior Interclub level and we encourage players to give it a go from beginners to premier players.

Structured Coaching Programmes

Our coaches have a structured programme for children of all levels. By following the programme you will know what they should be working on every week.

Junior Social Night

This is every Friday night and children have the chance to put what they've learned into play. Coach facilitated match-play and a lot of laughs!

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General Enquiries

For general enquiries please email us on info@campbellsbaytennis.org.nz  or contact any member of the Management Committee or come down to the club at 184 Beach Road, Campbells Bay, North Shore, Auckland. We are located in the middle of Centennial Park Campbells Bay

The best way to contact the club is via email.
Email info@campbellsbaytennis.org.nz
Post to The Secretary, PO Box 31 529 Milford 0741